Reflections on Society: Black Thursday

November 21, 2017

Black Friday is gone! Thanksgiving is dead! Let's all have Black Thursday instead! 


Happy Valley Hate: MLM Victimization

November 14, 2017

MCS1 & Caleb continue their discussion about MLM companies. On this episode, they focus on the victims of these companies. 


Happy Valley Hate: MLM Mecha

November 7, 2017

MCS1 & Caleb tackle the topic of Multi-level marketing companies. They discuss why Happy Valley is a hub for them, their business models, and sellers. 


Happy Valley Hate: vidangel Vol 11

October 31, 2017

Once again vidangel drops some heavy bombshells concerning its company's future.  MCS1 & Caleb cover this "news" as well as what it means for the future of filtering movies. 


Nerd Discussion: Fallout

October 23, 2017

Today marks the day the bombs fell in the Fallout game universe, well T-minus 60 years. The MCS1 Show saw fit to dedicate a special show to this great gaming universe to talk about things that MCS1 & Caleb both love about it.


Happy Valley Hate: Caffeine at byu

October 17, 2017

MCS1 and Caleb discuss byu's new policy of allowing the sale of caffeinated drinks on campus.


Happy Valley Hate: The Holy War

October 3, 2017

MCS1 & Caleb discuss the Holy War, the "epic" yearly football battle between BYU and the University of Utah. 


Show update: Content Warning

October 2, 2017

MCS1 and Caleb announce a warning for future shows. They also announce some other cool things!


Happy Valley Hate: The Paint Loft

August 8, 2017

MCS1 interviews Brianna Bennion the founder of the new artist hangout in Provo known as "The Paint Loft". For other info regarding The Paint Loft visit 


Special Event: FearCon

July 18, 2017

MCS1 & Lord Alzorn discuss Salt Lake city's Fear Con & how awesome it was.