Reflections on Society: Parental Rights

January 16, 2018

MCS1 and Caleb discuss parental rights and the insanity of it.


Reflections on Society: Social media causes #NotMyFight

January 9, 2018

MCS1 & Caleb ring in 2018 by discussing social media causes such as #MeToo & #TakeAKnee


Nerd Discussion: DooM

December 5, 2017

MCS1 & Caleb dedicate a special episode to the 90s video game DooM. 


Happy Valley Hate: Everyone is a Sinner But Me

November 29, 2017

MCS1 discusses the making of his book "Everyone is a Sinner But Me" with cocreators Casey William Walker & Mikey Watkins


Reflections on Society: Black Thursday

November 21, 2017

Black Friday is gone! Thanksgiving is dead! Let's all have Black Thursday instead! 


Happy Valley Hate: MLM Victimization

November 14, 2017

MCS1 & Caleb continue their discussion about MLM companies. On this episode, they focus on the victims of these companies. 


Happy Valley Hate: MLM Mecha

November 7, 2017

MCS1 & Caleb tackle the topic of Multi-level marketing companies. They discuss why Happy Valley is a hub for them, their business models, and sellers. 


Happy Valley Hate: vidangel Vol 11

October 31, 2017

Once again vidangel drops some heavy bombshells concerning its company's future.  MCS1 & Caleb cover this "news" as well as what it means for the future of filtering movies. 


Nerd Discussion: Fallout

October 23, 2017

Today marks the day the bombs fell in the Fallout game universe, well T-minus 60 years. The MCS1 Show saw fit to dedicate a special show to this great gaming universe to talk about things that MCS1 & Caleb both love about it.


Happy Valley Hate: Caffeine at byu

October 17, 2017

MCS1 and Caleb discuss byu's new policy of allowing the sale of caffeinated drinks on campus.